How To Figure Horry & Georgetown Property Taxes

It's almost everyday I'm asked the question, "How much are the property taxes in Myrtle Beach"? After all, for most of you from up North taxes are generally a huge factor when deciding to buy a home. Well, I've got some good news for you! Taxes around the Myrtle Beach area are probably just a fraction of what you are currently paying in your state. Even for the second home owners in the area, taxes are pretty reasonable considering the huge checks they are used to writing yearly. Taxes do vary depending on the city, town, and county you live in. For this reason I have provided a quick reference guide below. It's not 100% accurate as some of the millage rates have changed. However, this little diagram will give you a fairly good idea of what to expect when buying either a primary or secondary home in the area. Please note that the price reflects tax value and may not mean if you purchase a $100,000 home you will owe taxes on that amount. It all varies case by case. This article is just to give you a rough idea. Myrtle Beach, North Myrtle Beach, Longs, Little River, Cherry Grove, Windy Hill, Briarcliffe, Arcadian Shores, Conway, Aynor, Carolina Forest, Surfside Beach, Socastee, Garden City Beach, Murrells Inlet, Litchfield, and Pawley's Island are all included below. When referencing please keep in mind that the 4% or 6% has to be combined with proper millage rate to establish an accurate dollar amount. If you are trying to figure and are only using the 4-6%, the estimate will be much higher than you will actually be expected to pay. There is currently a tourism tax credit in place for primary property owners that can reduce your yearly tax bill substantially (Thank You Tourist!) For more info on this credit please Click Here.... For more info on taxes in the area please Contact MeI also have access to other details you will eventually want to find the answers to. For example I can provide info on flood zones in the area. Simply provide me with the address or MLS# and within a few minutes I can tell you if the home is located in a flood plain or not. 

*Information here is just an estimate and you are encouraged to verify before purchase.


City and county property taxes on real estate are taxed at the rate of 4% on primary residences, 6% on secondary residences. Each mill represents $1 in taxation per every $1,000 of a property's assessment. Property owners in Horry and Georgetown counties will pay tax based on the county millage rate, while those who own property in incorporated communities may pay tax based both on the county millage rate and the municipal millage rate charged to maintain city services.


The following is an example of the taxes on a $100,000 primary home in Surfside Beach: 

$100,000 x 4% = $4,000            

$4,000 x .1758 = $703.20 (Horry County)

$4,000 x .0412 = $242 (City Tax)

Total Tax = $945.20


Horry County and Cities Millage Rates:

 Horry County= .1758…. - Atlantic Beach= .1138…. - Aynor .1138….. - Briarcliff Acres =.0625 -… Conway= .1205…. - Myrtle Beach= .0687…. - N.Myrtle Beach= .0412…. - Surfside Beach= .0605

**millage rates may be subject to change


Georgetown County Districts and Millage rates

 **Rates subject to change.

 Districts 1 (PI?),2,3 (Murrells Inlet?)- .2217  -    Districts 4 (Murrells?),42- .2197   -   Districts 41- .2099   - 

District 5 (PI?)-  .2901   -   Districts 6 (Pawley's?) - .3150      

**millage rates may be subject to change